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Free Educational
Youngering™ Seminar

Thursday, 12/13/18 @ 4 PM
187 Av. La Pata
San Clemente, CA 92673

Stay Younger, Longer

Our Youngering™ Program is designed to help patients take advantage of the body’s ability to heal and restore itself by using healthy regenerative cells found throughout their own bodies. As a result, producing a youngering™ effect where you not only look younger, but you feel more lively. Register for the educational seminar, and learn how you can reverse aging.

The event will cover the following,

  Discover healthy alternatives to heal and reverse signs of aging, with no surgeries, dangerous side effects, drugs or hospitals.
  What are (quality) stem cells and how they are used to produce a youngering™ effect?
  Who may benefit from stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine?
  Opportunity to meet and ask the doctor questions.
  Cost questions will be answered.

Meet Our Patients

Justine F.

Never in my life have I enjoyed going to the doctor more than I do here, the staff when I first called, so so sweet, and patient with my questions. The doctor really loves to share what he knows, he is honest and really goes the full extent to make sure your therapy is successful.

Shelly B.

Dr. Steenblock’s Youngering Seminars have been an eye opener for me and my friends. We have been to several of the seminars and open house…the clinic is amazing and very professional! Several of us are doing the hyperbaric treatments and feel incredible and younger. My Christmas Gift to myself is a stem cell facial and […]

Marvin A.

Since being introduced to Dr. Steenblock from my Wellness Coach…my body, mind and energy have shifted to 60 is the new 40. The seminars, technology and sessions have been very educational and personalized to me. The combination of Dr. Steenblock’s Stemgevity supplement with the hyperbaric Therapy have reversed my body’s recovery time from my crazy […]

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