Saturday, 11/17/18 at 1 PM

David A. Steenblock D.O., INC.
187 Av. La Pata,
San Clemente, CA 92673

(949) 381-1669

Guest will receive a FREE one-time alternative treatment session for the upcoming week. We want you to experience first hand how our protocols are design to make you feel younger.

Here's What You Will Learn

✓ What are stem cells?

✓ What ailments or chronic issues can stem cell therapy be effective in treating and curing?

✓ Are there side effects of stem cell therapy?
(None of our patients have experienced negative side effects)

✓ Why we recommend a Detoxification Protocol before having stem cell therapy?

✓ Does this treat my specific injury or illness?

✓ Am I a candidate?

✓ Cost questions answered.

✓ Why Personalized Regenerative Wellness Center is the best place for your treatment!

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Hear it From Our Patient

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

The Use of Stem Cells to Heal Your Body: Our patients have had significant improvements even after standard therapies and medications have failed.

Alternatives to Surgery and Medication: These procedures can increase function, decrease pain and offer you a viable alternative to invasive surgery.

This Therapy Has Treated:


Stroke & TBI
Cerebral Palsy
Cardiovascular Conditions
Neurological Conditions
Nerve damage


Knee Pain
Neck/ Back pain
Hip Pain
Cartilage Injuries
Sports injuries
And more…